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puce Launching the portal site “land tenure and development”

There was no French-speaking portal site on land tenure and development issues until now. The on-lining of the site land tenure and development in March 2007 now fills the gap.


The site is financed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French Development Agency. It is managed by GRET with the collaboration of a group of multidisciplinary French-speaking organisms.

The portal puts forward four main sections:

- Analysis and debates
- Experiences and know-hows
- Tools
- News

In the section Analysis and debates , AGTER coordinates the section called “Stakes and debates for renewed policies: how to face contemporary challenges?”

AGTER will present a selection of documents of different origins, which deals about links between the issue of land tenure and our main contemporary challenges.

To access those documents: Articles de la rubrique Enjeux et Débats du site Foncier et Développement.


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