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puace Sam Moyo, a committed academic that we already miss

Last week, we learnt with great sorrow of the death of Sam Moyo, following a serious car crash on 20 November in India, where he was attending a conference.

Sam Moyo was part of this small group of academics working, for years, on agrarian issues and in particular on solutions to remedy the most unequal situations in accessing land through agrarian reforms.

Sam Moyo was director of the African Institute of Agrarian Studies, based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Many of AGTER’s members have read and enjoyed his work. Many of us knew him. Several times, I enjoyed listening to him and conversing with him during conferences on agrarian issues and land grabbing. Sam was an approachable man with whom you felt comfortable from the start. Undoubtedly, he was one of the best experts in this field, one of those who are the more able to articulate a reliable overall analysis with a detailed field knowledge.

His premature death is not only a tremendous loss for Zimbabwe and Africa, but also for all those considering that it is a priority for all humanity to find solutions to an increasingly unequal access to land.

Michel Merlet


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