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Folder: Pedagogical Briefs on Land Issues in West Africa.

A joint project funded by the AFD and carried out by the Rural Hub, AGTER, the Landnet West Africa, GRAF and ROPPA.

puce WEST AFRICA. Production of educational materials on the land tenure.

Access to summary and relevant information on land issues is very difficult. There are many documents in different languages, but their exploration is mostly beyond the reach of key stakeholders. The heads of peasant and women organizations, NGO leaders, technicians, policy makers and donors working on rural development in Africa need food for thought to guide their actions. Serious texts, but short, attractive and easy to understand by the users are necessary. The initiative to produce (...)

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puce Myths, deadlocks of land registration and the need for alternative approaches. (Hubert Ouedraogo)

puce Are local conventions effective tools for the joint management of natural resources? (Laurent Granier)

puce Creating and securing ownership in Europe (Joseph Comby)

puce Overlapping of Land Rights in Europe. (Joseph Comby)

puce Limitations of the concept of vulnerable groups in the area of land tenure security. (Oussouby Touré)

puce Land tenure and migration. (Mahamadou Zongo)

puce Decentralized vs. local management of land tenure: The Niger case history. (Adam Kandine)

puce Alternative land tenure conflict management mechanisms: Analytical tools. (Koffi Alinon)

puce Local authorities and local territories in rural West Africa. (Éric Idelman)

puce Rights to Land and Natural Resources (Michel Merlet)

puce Examples of the diversity of rights holders and rights to land and natural resources in West Africa (Michel Merlet, Kouadio André Yobouet)

puce Decentralization in Mali: a constrained ”responsibility transfer“ process. (Cheibane Coulibaly)

puce Securing and regulating land tenure: putting the issues before the tools. Some of the obstacles to coherent policies (Vincent Basserie, Patrick D'Aquino)

puce Aspects and characteristics of State-owned land in West Africa. (Gérard Chouquer)

puce Land tax (Joseph Comby)

puce Women and land (Mariatou Koné)

puce Collaboration on formal land policies: the missing link for West African land tenure systems? (Hubert Ouedraogo et Vincent Basserie)


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