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puce Newsletter September 2017
Coline Sauzion

La lettre d'information du rseau Agter

The association AGTER runs an international network of people, exchanging and thinking together how to improve the governance of land, water and natural resources.The network selects and makes information available but it also formulates suggestions and alternatives to face the current great challenges. This quaterly newsletter is presenting the latest information available on our website : www.agter.asso.fr.

25 September 2017

Editorial september 2017

by Coline Sauzion

All over the world, small and medium farmers suffer from attacks coming from a series of policies (land policies, agriculture policy, trade policy, economic policy,) which dispossess and marginalize them and finally compel them to drop their activity, sometimes even by force. In Algeria, recent agricultural policies bet on agriculture without farmers ; in Madagascar, the government fosters the implementation of mining companies at the expense of rural and peasant populations and their environment ; in Andalusia, the intensive vegetable production model forces peasants to submit to the bank system and to enter the vicious circle of hyper-technologization of their cultures if they want to survive, prompting them in turn to exploit a precarious migrant manpower.

In France, the overproduction of standards and the administrative determination that sometimes ensue participate in the current on-going eviction process in the French countryside. In that respect we need to mention the case of Jerome Laronze a farmer of the Sane-et-Loire area, who has been chased by the agricultural administration for many years because he refused to conform to normative veterinary and sanitary injunctions. He fell under gendarmes bullets on May 20 2017.

Opposing the increasing ultra-regulation of agriculture, Jerome Laronze refused to conduct his cattle farming in accordance with the many veterinary rules and was therefore not up to date in the management of his cattle, so that administrative bodies submitted his farm to regular inspections. That is why the farmer was no more allowed to sell his cattle since 2015 and had been criminally sentenced for refusing a control and mistreating animals (See : https://reporterre.net/Un-paysan-a-). Here, we need to remind that the sanitary and veterinary standards, which continuously increased in the previous decades, are mostly issued by and for agro-industrialists in order to fit the best possible to the production processes in the food industry. As they are not relevant for small and medium farms production processes, those rules penalize and put off peasant farming.

Moreover, those standards, far from limiting sanitary and environmental scandals do not prevent the living on of the productivity system that triggers environment destruction. Unfortunately the administrative pressure applied on Jerome is not an isolated case. In a context where the farmers job is increasingly precarious, recurring administrative controls participate in the distress of many farmers pushing some of them into committing suicide by stigmatizing and infantilizing them while generating a nagging sense of doing wrong. During the latest control in Jeromes farm, the public administration agents had arrived accompanied by armed gendarmes. Jerome, surprised, had therefore run away and after ten days on the run, he was shot to death on a path in Sailly locality.

This tragedy must not be handled as a simple anecdote because it clearly shows the terrible vise in which the vast majority of farmers are currently caught in France, and elsewhere : either comply with the agro-industrial model or disappear.





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Invitation la journe du 25 septembre "Accaparement des terres agricoles : responsabilits politiques et industrielles franaises"

18 September 2017

Le Collectif Citoyen en France contre lAccaparement des Terres vous invite une Runion dinformations et dchanges le lundi 25 septembre de 14h30 17h30 lAssemble nationale, Salon Mars III (rez de chausse), 101 rue de luniversit, 75007 Paris

Retrouvez le programme de la journe ici :

Programme 25 septembre

et linvitation dtaille ici :

Invitation 25 septembre Participation sur inscription uniquement, avant le 21 septembre, dans la limite des places disponibles.

Contactez (...)

Note de lecture sur le livre de R. Levesque : Terre et Humanit. La voie de lcolocne (2016)

9 September 2017

Ce quil importe de savoir sur le projet dexploitation de terres rares dAmpasindava Madagascar

1 September 2017, by
Collectif TANY

Le projet dexploitation des terres rares par la socit Tantalum Rare Earth Madagascar (TREM) Ampasindava fait lobjet dune contestation grandissante par plusieurs parties prenantes aux niveaux local, national et international [1] en raison des impacts dsastreux quil risque davoir sur des milliers dhectares despaces naturels, notamment la pollution extrmement toxique qui menace les moyens dexistence des populations affectes et riveraines ainsi que la biodiversit terrestre et marine (...)

Lettre ouverte Monsieur Le Prsident de la Rpublique de Madagascar relative au "Rendez-vous Fotoambita n12" consacr la Terre et au Foncier

21 August 2017, by
Collectif TANY

Monsieur Le Prsident de la Rpublique,

Le Collectif TANY, dont la mission consiste appuyer les citoyens et paysans malgaches dans leur dveloppement et dans la dfense de leurs terres et ressources naturelles, a visionn attentivement et avec un grand intrt votre douzime intervention sur Le Rendez-vous - Fotoambita , consacre particulirement la Terre et au Foncier.

En premier lieu, nous rappelons que le Collectif TANY tient ce que toutes les dcisions concernant les terres ne doivent ni (...)

Les actes complets du Forum Mondial pour lAccs la Terre sont disponibles !

5 July 2017, by
Coline Sauzion

Les actes du FMAT sont disponibles ! Cliquez sur licne ci-dessous pour les tlcharger.

Bonne lecture !!!

La rencontre mondiale du Forum Mondial sur lAccs la Terre et aux ressources naturelles, FMAT 2016, sest droule durant trois journes de travaux et dbats en sances plnires et ateliers du 31 mars au 2 avril 2016, sur le campus de lUniversit Polytechnique de Valence en Espagne.

Elle a runi des reprsentants des trois catgories de signataires de lappel FMAT avec une prsence majoritaire (...)

Entretien avec Bernard Roux : le modle de production intensive de lgumes Almeria (Andalousie)

27 June 2017, by
Coline Sauzion

Les vidos du sminaire sur la souverainet technologique des paysans sont disponibles !

27 June 2017, by
Coline Sauzion

Le rseau InPACT national organisait le 5 avril 2017 un sminaire sur la souverainet technologique des paysans. Les vidos de la journe sont dsormais disponibles bon visionnage !

Les vidos suivantes sont disponibles sur la page : http://latelierpaysan.org/Videos-Le

> Frederick Lemarchand (sociologue, Universit de Caen) : Les processus dinnovation et linjonction au progrs

> Jean Louis Cannelle (paysan, leveur de comtois, fondateur du CERRTA) : tat des lieux et perspectives du matriel (...)

La estructura social agraria en Andaluca : un proceso histrico de concentracin de tierras y de proletarizacin de los campesinos

4 July 2017, by
Coline Sauzion

Mexican community forest constitution. A sample

11 September 2017, by
Michel Merlet

Community forests : A discussion document for Fern and partners

11 September 2017, by
Michel Merlet

Protecting Forests, Improving Livelihoods. Comparing Community Forestry in Cameroon and Guatemala

11 September 2017, by
Michel Merlet

The intensive production model of Almeria (Andalusia) - Interview with Bernard Roux

9 September 2017, by
Coline Sauzion


Runion thmatique #48 : Les rformes agraires et la question paysanne dans les pays du Maghreb. Synthse vido de la confrence dOmar Bessaoud

10 September 2017

Watch the interviews of the WFAL participants

22 June 2017

We invite you to watch the videos of the interviews of more than 30 participants of the WFAL here !

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