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puce Increase alliances for a future based on peasant, pastoral, fishing and forestry communities with gender equality

With the major peasant networks co-organizers of the World Forum on Access to Land and Natural Resources (WFAL2016) that are the Network of Peasant and Producer Organizations of West Africa (ROPPA), the National Confederation of Agricultural Workers of Brazil representing the Confederation of Family Producer Organizations of the Enlarged Mercosur (CONTAG/COPROFAM), and the Indian Landless movement Ekta Parishad, AGTER and CERAI have formed in late 2019 a steering committee to re-launch exchanges after the WFAL global meeting in Valencia.

This committee has integrated since its creation the Global Convergence of Struggles for Land, Water and Natural Resources in West Africa (CGLTE-OA) and then, in 2020, the French Confédération paysanne and the Tany collective for the defense of Malagasy land (all three present at the WFAL).

After a year of discussions, the proposal was affirmed as a citizen development of the WFAL2016. The steering committee was joined at the beginning of 2021 by the European Coordination Via Campesina and by La Via Campesina West and Central Africa to open, in May, the World Forum of Struggles for Land and Natural Resources (FLT).

The committee decided to organize a first series of debates on five themes: landlessness and the future of the commons, women and youth access to land, community governance of land, agrarian reform, local struggles and the construction of effective regulations at the supranational level.

The first discussion dedicated to the landless and the future of the commons took place this summer, the second dedicated to "women and youth access to land" took place from November 23 to December 16. All the exchanges are available on the FLT website: https://strugglesforlandforum.net.

You are invited to view the recordings of the video-forums and to create your account on the online platform, if you have not already done so, to see the debates that took place between the participants on the online forum.

The other discussions will take place during 2022. The modalities of preparation evolve from one theme to another in a search for the most direct expression possible of the members of the participating peasant organizations (in the broadest sense: rural people living from livestock, fishing, forestry in a non-capitalist relationship to natural resources ...) in connection with other social movements, especially urban, scientists, and all people and organizations likely to participate in strong alliances against land grabbing.

This forum aims to strengthen the struggles by contributing to the mobilization of citizens through the exchange of experiences. It must allow to amplify the demand and the construction of public policies which, instead of encouraging the destruction of the environment for the financial profit of a few, base the future on the peasant, pastoral, fishing and forest communities in the equality between men and women.

All good wills are welcome to strengthen this approach. Visit strugglesforlandforum.net and contact secretrariat@strugglesforlandforum.net for more information.

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