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Articles and Files of the On Line Knowledge Base of AGTER on Water
puce Economic efficiency and effectiveness of agricultural water use in family farming
Michel Merlet

In Brief
Since 2011, the “Agricultural Water” working group (AVSF, Gret, Agter) of the Agriculture and Food Commission (C2A, Commission Agriculture et Alimentation) of Coordination SUD has been working to develop and disseminate advocacy in support of water access for family farming in the South.
The group has put a stop to common misconceptions, stressing that not all peasants waste water ! On the contrary, peasant farming around the world involves traditional collective and individual (...)

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puce Fair Share of Water: Ensuring access to water for family farming in the South

This document was prepared during 2011 / 2012 and written by Céline Allaverdian (Gret). Contributions : Frédéric Apollin, (Agronomes et Vétérinaires sans frontières), Hatim Issoufaly (CCFD-Terre solidaire), Yves Richard (bénévole CCFD-Terre solidaire), Michel Merlet (AGTER), and also in drafting and proofreading Francois Molle (IRD), Thierry Ruf (IRD), Jeanne Riaux (IRD), Patricia Toelen (Gret), Nathalie Dupont (Coordination Sud), and Clara Jamart (AGTER).
A brief note on the same issue was (...)

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puce Guaranteeing access to water for farmers in developing countries
Jesse Rafert

Since the end of 2010, AGTER has been addressing questions of water governance through its participation in the Commission of Food and Agriculture (C2A) work group organized by Coordination Sud, an international federation of Non Governmental Organizations.
On this page, you will find a note that AVSF, CCFD Terre-Solidaire and GRET, and AGTER wrote presenting our shared position on water governance for agriculture. It was originally published in French on Coordination Sud’s Website in (...)

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puce Governance of water

There is no life without water. And water resources cannot be replaced. Water is the key element in a set of life cycles: climate, food, health and environment depend on water.
Nevertheless, water resources are in danger. In spite of the fact that every single form of life depends on water, poor management of water has dramatic consequences all over the world.
Water has become a powerful tool for political and economic manipulation because the interests of some industrial and financial (...)

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