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Articles and Files of the On Line Knowledge Base of AGTER on Land Grabbing

  puce Un module de formation dans le cadre de l'université d'été du CRID 2010
puce World Forum on Access to Land and Natural Resources 2016. The notes of Sud #5
Mathieu Perdriault

puce Farming land. Chinese purchases in the Berry. A European case
Robert Levesque

The recent purchases of farmlands in Berry by Chinese investors have attracted a great deal of media attention. The topic not only raises questions for the world of agriculture, but also has many other implications. This article aims to describe the situation, consider the global context and discuss the broader issues.

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puce Fragmented Territories: Incomplete Enclosures and Agrarian Change on the Agricultural Frontier of Samlaut District, North-West Cambodia

puce Review of normative frameworks and voluntary guidelines for tenure rights
Michel Merlet

puce Analysing Agricultural Investment Projects that Affect Land and Property Rights : From International Principles to Operational Tools
Amel Benkahla

puce Reinstating Economic Evaluations as a Means of Determining whether Agricultural Investment Projects Will Serve the Common Interest
Samir El Ouaamari

puce The struggle against Land Grabbing in Mali
Chantal Jacovetti, Massa Koné

puce Guide to due diligence of agribusiness projects that affect land and property rights
Michel Merlet

puce Guide to due diligence of agribusiness projects that affect land and property rights
Michel Merlet

puce Land and Water Rights Hotspots
Michel Merlet

puce Investments in agriculture: a danger or an opportunity for smallholder farmers and humanity?
Michel Merlet

puce Non-cultivated Arable Land in the World
Michel Merlet

puce Agricultural employment, an historical challenge
Henri Rouillé d’Orfeuil

puce International Guidelines: solutions to problems underlying large-scale land deals ?
Fantu Farris Mulleta

puce Poverty, hunger and agricultural “investments”
Michel Merlet

puce Large Scale Land Grabbing : The Role of Multinational Firms
Mathieu Perdriault

puce Struggles over property rights in the context of large-scale transnational land acquisitions. Using legal pluralism to re-politicize the debate. (Pierre Merlet, Johan Bastiaensen)
Pierre Merlet

puce Can International Law contribute to a more equitable global society? (Monique Chemillier-Gendreau)
Jesse Rafert

puce Land grabbing and share of the value added in agricultural processes. A new look at the distribution of land revenues. (Hubert Cochet and Michel Merlet)

puce The Dakar Appeal: Successful convergence of the struggles against land grabing in the 2011 WSF

puce Position paper of the French diplomacy regarding agriculture investments and land appropriations
Mathieu Perdriault

puce Large scale land appropriations: Analysis of the phenomenon and proposed guidelines for future action. (Land tenure and Development Technical Committee)

Synthesis of the contributions of a working group composed of the ’Land tenure and development’ technical committee’s members and other institutional and NGO’s experts.

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puce Securing land rights as a Global Public Good
Pierre Merlet

puce Issues and Conceptual Framework for Understanding Land Grabs.
Michel Merlet

puce Land Grabs worldwide. GRAIN's alert.


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